OH, PAUL WE MISS YOU… Whether it is life or an element, nothing leaves this Universe. It just comes back with another introduction. When a life ends, a new life begins. And so we live on the memories. Little Dominic is the new Brian in the Family. This Friday eight installment of the Fast & the Furious Franchise has been released in India along with the USA, after premiering in Berlin on 4th April, 2017. Respecting the millions of emotions, makers of the F8 didn’t try to replace the Star Cast; they just paid tribute to the Late Great Paul Walker by retiring the character of Brian O’Connor along with his wife Mia O’Connor (Jordana Brewster).Fast Cars, Super Racers, Criminal Minds, Sexy Bitch, Hi-Tech Stuffs, Breathtaking Actions, Brilliant Script, the Presence of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and of course the HUMOROUS Jason Statham– Enough reason for your butt to remain in the bucket.

You simply describe this as a perfect Hollywood movie to watch in the weekend. Why The Rock is the highest paid movie star right now? He does what he does best. Always comes with something new, not to mention his charismatic presence. Watch the Haka Dance segment on a Football Field during the first 30 minutes of the movie, when Agent Luke Hobbs was trying to cheer his daughter and her team, those who are familiar with the Pro Wrestling and rich Samoan Heritage, they may find it similar to Samoan War Dance: “Mata Mata Me” (The war dance reenacts the ancient battle between Samoa & Tonga which lead to the defeat of Tui Tonga and the birth of the warrior line of Chiefs, Malietoa). However, this the first film of the Franchise after F7, excluding The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, without the Legendary Actor Paul Walker, died in a single-vehicle crash on November 30, 2013, during the middle of production of Furious 7.

The story unfolds in Cuban Capital city Havanaat an auto show with Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), who are in their honeymoon. Suddenly Dom is informed his cousin is in trouble and a local Car Racer Fernando (Janmarco Santiago) is trying to take his cousin’s car with him, who failed to pay his debt. But Dom interferes and challenges Fernando toa street race, betting his and Fernando’s Cars. In the race, Dom drives his cousin’s Car (modified with Cuban Nitrous Oxide Cylinder, applying Brian’s handy trick) and wins the race, denying Fernando’s evil tricks. After winning the race on reverse gear and escaped from the burning Car, Dom allows Fernando to keep his car and tells him he is okay with the respect he has received from him. Dom leaves with Letty and allows his cousin to keep his Car.

The next morning, Dom encounters with ravishing cyber-terrorist, AKA Cipher (Charlize Theron), who blackmails him to work for her and betray his team. As story extends, Dom and his team, comprising with Letty, Roman Pearce (Tyres Gibson), Tej Parker (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) and Ramsey (Natalie Emmanuel), help Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent Luke Hobbs to retrieve an EMP device from a Military Base in Berlin. During the escape, Dom betrays and steal the device from Hobbs on behalf of Cipher. Hobbs is arrested by German police and locked up in the same High-Security facility, where he helped imprison Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) in. Hobbs and Deckard confronts each other. But intelligence operative Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russel) with the help of his protégé Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood)tricks both Hobbs and Deckard to flee from the prison, later who recruits Deckard to help Hobbs and the team to locate Dom and capture Cipher from triggering the Third World War.

Now story wants us to have several flash backs and this is where this movie is linked with the several earlier installments, during a verbal mockery Deckard reveals that Cipher was the one, who not only recruited his brother Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) to steal the Nightshade device in Europe, but also composed the plan to rob The God’s Eye, a software programmed by Ramsey to locate anybody from anywhere. Meanwhile, with the help of God’s Eye, The Team tracks down Dom and Cipher’s exact location. But when they realize actually where they are, Dom and Cipher attack the Secrete Base and steal the God’s Eye from The Team.

After returning to herden, which is a flying airplane, Cipher introduces Dom with his ex-lover& DSS agent Elena Neves (Elesa Pataky) and their toddler, whom she has abducted to manipulate Dom to do her dirty work. During an emotional confrontationElena reveals that she was pregnant when Dom found out Letty again,and she was planning to tell them about their love-child when he and Letty would return from their Honeymoon. But they got abducted before it happens. She also informs Dom that she has named their son as Marcos, but it is Dom who has to decide his name. Cipher interferes and Dom warns her he is unable to kill her because he is alone.

Cipher now sends Dom to New York City to retrieve a Nuclear Football from Russian Defense Minister (Olek Krupa). On his way in an attempt to check his engine Dom manages to befoolCipher for five minutes, denying the God’s Eye,with the help from Fernando. Dommeets with Magdalene Shaw, mother of Deckard and Owen Shaw, to help him to defeat Cipher. Meanwhile, Cipher hacks thousands of Cars in New York and creates a trap for Russian Minister and makes a way for Dom to retrieve the nuclear codes. During escape The Team challenges Dom, but he manages to escape leaving Deckard flat on the street. Letty snatches nuclear codes from Dom.Then Cipher’s enforcer Connor Rhodes (Kristopher Hivju) catches letty in a gun point.But Dom rescues her from Rhodes andretrieves the codes from Letty. Back in the plane Dom pays the consequences as Rhodeskills Elena on behalf of Cipher in front of him to teach him a lesson.

The story now shifts to stereotypeAnti-Russian agenda of USA. But remembering we are living in the most peaceful era in the history, the theory slightly diverts. Now Cipher sends Dom to Russia to hijack a nuclear submarine,with the help ofstolen EMP device, from an extremist militant group based in Russia, who hijacked that base from Russian Military.But Luke Hobbs and The Team once again thwartCipher’s attempt to hijack the nuclear warhead and hinder the attempt to trigger a nuclear war. Meanwhile, Deckard and Owen secretly enter to the Cipher’s plane and Deckard rescues Dom’s son.

After hearing from Deckard that his son is safe, Dom turns on Cipher and kills Rhodes to avenge Elena. On their way to stop the nuclear warhead entering the sea Dom joins with The Team and they welcome him back.Angry Cipher launches a heat-seeking missile at Dom, but Dom finds a way to save his ass and causing the missile to strike the submarine.BOOM! Submarine explodes under the thick ice. The team quickly reaches there and creates vehicles shield to protect Dom from the explosion. Up in the airDeckard encounters with Cipher and tells him it was Dom who manipulated her this time to stop her for the third time, but Cipher escapes by jumping with a parachute, leaving Dom’s son in serious jeopardy, but Deckard saves him and Owen takes the control of the plane, triggering the indication for the ninth installment of the franchise.

At the end Mr. Nobody and his Protégée pay a little visit to Dom and his team to remind them that Cipher is yet to be arrested. Dom assures them. Deckard arrives to return Dom’s son, while Hobbs promises his daughter Daddy is not going anywhere this time and turns down the offer to return to his job.Dom introduces his son with Letty &The Team, decides to name his son Brian, and they all welcome Little Toretto.

This movie is basically The Rock V/s Vin Diesel, on screen and off screen, before the movie hit the silver screen, The Rock took the social media to inform that being the Co-Producer and original key members of the Franchise, Vin manipulated the shooting schedule from 7am to 10am, because he can’t wake up early, while many respect Dwayne as the punctual star who maintains the schedule. But the success of this movie is showing “Yes, they can co-exist!”But we are looking forward to see can the Franchise survive without Paul Walker?

Media Express Rating: 7/10


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