Dwikhandito movie review: Dwikhandito proves once again Art has to be truthful

Bengali films will always remain a pathbreaker.This surplus of praise is mostly indefensible as recent Bengali films are still imprisoned by their strange obsession with relationship centric dramas. Nabarun Sen’s Dwikhondito avoids such pitfalls.

The story is exceptionally imaginative and yet simple. Writer Kaushik suffers from dissociative identity disorder. He writes for the backward people. Bipin a tragic hero of his story lost his wife and daughter and mother in a attack by local zamindars who unlawfully wanted to capture his land. Bipin gets mad and talks with his dead daughter in hallucination. The writer Kaushik hallucinates himself as Bipin and becomes all the characters of his own written story. And finally attacks his own wife and gets fatal injury and hospitalised. Then a psychiartist comes and an aspiring filmmaker wants to make a film on the story written by him. Finally what happens this is for the audience to find out.

Actor Saswata Chatterjee did justice with his exceptional acting skills once again. As audience has to get stunned when he beautifully throws the monologue of bipin and his daughter. Another interesting character of this movie is actor Kaushik Kar. His character is tinged with madness deep within. Kaushik’s eyes — blazing at the hint of opposition — captures this brilliantly.He does just to his role in the shade of Ritwik Ghatak the self destructive genius specially where he gives monologue from famous “Meghnadbodkavya” in a drunken state deeply touches the audience.

Anjana Basu is superb in portraying the turmoil and heartburn of being the wife of a flawed genius. Sayani Ghosh and Soumitra Chatterjee are apt in their role. The cinematography of Sourav Banerjee and editing of Subhajit Singha are exemplary. Tragedy comes into play in perfect manner. Dwikhondito is a sensibly written and finely performed film that takes a close look at the ordinary lives of extraordinary people. NOT TO MISS.



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