Srabanti to honeymoon in Switzerland !

Srabonti Chatterjee got married recently. The man is Roshan Singh. But they did not prefer the venue as Kolkata. They got married at Amritsor on April 19 according to Punjabi ritual. After their wedding Tollywood’s hottest couple is back in town.

When Me asked about how they met she said ” I knew him through our common friend for two years. I knew that he is the owner of Kick Fitness Gym. And he is also Cabin crew supervisor of an airline agency. But we didn’t talk till then. But once I was returning from Bangladesh and met him in the flight. Then our friendship started.”
When did you decide to get married? We share same birthday. And we have many similarities. I find him suitable for me. His mother single handedly brought him up as he lost his father in quite young age. Im also bringing up my son alone. His mother has see that.His family has accepted me and respected my parents. So both of our family decided our marriage jointly.
Why did she choose the venue in Punjub?
She answered wittily, ” Kolkata has so many well wishers of mine and they are so keen to discuss about my past. And my astrologer suggested me to get married near my birthplace.I was born in Amritsar so I got married there. ”

Any plans for Kolkata?
‘Right now I’m busy with interior of my flat. After that we will celebrate with a low key party with close friends.’

How is your son reacting about it?
‘He is very happy with my decision. He wants me to stay happy.’
What is the honeymoon plan?
Roshan, his husband replied “They are planning a honeymoon in Switzerland. But right now ‘Nadu'(Roshan addresses srabanti) is busy decorating interior.”


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