Watch: up-and-coming filmmaker Shiladitya Guha’s Surrealist Short Film ”MONER CHORAGOLI”

Can a person ever truly overcome losing someone they love? A lovely short film to watch this week. MONER CHORAGOLI  is a 10-minute short film made by up-and-coming filmmaker Shiladitya Guha, now available to watch online.

The story of the “MONER CHORAGOLI ” is the tale of two women. Mou(Priyanka Goswami)and Jaba(Mithu Chakroborty) shares the sadness of each other everyday.Jaba takes care of Mou who is suffering some mental illness. Mou talks with her NRI boyfriend Sujoy every evening.But sometimes their minds made some mistakes without knowing what is happening. Let we wonder through Moner Choragoli trying to find that answer. MONER CHORAGOLI  is written and directed by Shiladitya Guha, produced by Sudipta Roy Chowdhury and Sovon Ghosh work as executive producer. For info on the film, visit its official website which is Saatrang Production. For more short Films, click here.

Give this short film a watch.


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