Tollywood actress Mimi Chakraborty shouting at the audience!!!watch video

Mimi Chakraborty is a well known Indian actress. She is quite popular for her movies and television shows. Recently, in 2019 she joined in politics. She joined as a candidate for MP under TMC. Mimi is a TMC candidate of Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency. Recently, during an election rally she has been seen screaming at her constituents. From the Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency she was giving a speech for her supporters. From a video we can see that she said, she has no intention to leave acting, she just want to work for the people. She added that, she has no other motive and everyone should get it into their heads. She left everything behind him to work for people. Although It’s an odd tactic but who knows what works. watch video:

As you see, She began shouting at the constituents, when she was telling above words. She was asking them to fully understand her words. It is an occurred incident in Indian politics history. She has landed into controversy for screaming at her own constituents, But everyone should think about her stress before blaming. In the video it is clearly visible that, she was very angry upon the behavior of some people over there. Over and all she is a hit Tollywood actress and now she is contesting on the polls.

Some times ago, she was criticized in social media for shaking hands with voters by wearing gloves. Then, according to Zee News inputs, Mimi’s team claim that, she has been suffered with nail scratches and burns over the last few days. BJP alleges this incident as an insult to voters. Now, the incident from Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency. as we said before,It is a weird campaigning tactic, but who knows what works! stay tuned for more updates.


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