Sizzling Tollywood beauties who dared to be naked onscreen

Being a good actor is definitely a very hard and challenging task. An actor have to be capable to act in any type of movies. Sometimes they have to act beyond the limits as the script demands to play their role, to make their acting real. In Bengali Film Industry, sometimes actresses have to get naked onscreen for their role of that movie. Tollywood actresses are not shy enough about going bold. There are some actress in Bengali Film Industry who already one step beyond from boldness. Check out these daring actresses to dared to get naked onscreen.

1. Paoli Dam
There’s are not much things to say about her. She is a popular actress in Bengali Film Industry for her exquisite sex appeal as everybody can see in some of her movies. Specially in ‘Chatrak’ movie scene, he dared to show her body and frontal nude postures onscreen. The bold and seductive actress has worked on many bengali films such as ‘Kaalbela’ and ‘Obhishopto Nighty’.

2. Sreelekha Mukherji
She is a well known actress who is known for her dedicated work in Bengali movies. ‘Parshuramer Kuthar’ is a 1989 Bengali film by Nabyendu Chatterjee. The lead actress of that movie was Sreelekha Mukherji. In that movie Sreelekha’s seductive beauty was really incredible. She got the National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie ‘Parshuramer Kuthar’.

3. Rii Sen
She worked on most of the major sexually explicit Bengali movies. Actress Rii’s one of the great creation ‘Cosmic Sex’ went viral on the internet as soon as it was released online. Her boldness was one step beyond in that movie from any other Bengali movies. It also became one of the most searched movies online. Some contemporary films where she acted are such as ‘Gandu’, ‘Cosmic Sex’,‘Bishh’, ‘Tasher Desh’.

4. Swastika Mukherjee
Swastika Mukherjee is one of the hottest actresses in Bengali film industry. she doesn’t think much before shooting for any kind of sexually explicit scenes or any nude scene because, for her it’s all about the character. A sex scene from ‘Take One’ movie was leaked in social media. She was going within Cruel criticism for that scene.

5. Rituparna Sengupta
In his 23 years career she worked on many types of movies. The glamourous actress has faced many challenges from the very beginning. ‘Taan’, ‘Teen Kanya’, ‘Trishna’, ‘Charulata’ in all of these films we can see Rituparna in a very seductive avatar. Rituparna was the one who surprised everyone with her bold scenes.

6. Rupa Ganguly
Actress Rupa Ganguly has performed at many award winning films. Nobody could forget, the beauty of her seductiveness in some of her films. She worked on films like ‘Antarmahal’, ‘Shunyo E Bukey’, ‘Mahulbanir Sereng’, ‘Kaler Rakhal’. All of those films are best for her boldness. Her personal life went through lot of controversies.

7. Subhra Bose
In 2003, Shubhra Bose worked on a movie ‘Parmapar’. It’s an adult Bengali movie directed by Pranab Kumar Das. She was naked in that movie. Bed scenes are quite okay in Tollywood films, but what about a complete frontal nudity? Subhra Bose who was a young theatre actress did a fronal nude scene in Bengali movie.

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