Exuberance of Bhadu On Rangamati Film Festival

Frame view entertainment boons Rangamati Film Festival in association with Ashar Natyam Sainthia and Neel Megh Academy co-sponsored by Radharani Telefilm Centre was organized by Feel-me-Frame in Sainthia, Birbhum, Rabindrabhavan on the 4th of September, 2016.

The festival was inaugurated by local MLA Nilaboti Saha, Chairman Biplab Dutta (Sainthia Municipality) and Actor director Rina Mitra by offering water to a banyan sapling followed by few dance routines from Neel Megh Academy to celebrate 100 years of Bengali Cinema.

The distinctcharisma was however the presence of the local Bhadu performers Sujon Sokhi Bhadu Dol who acknowledgedmark of appreciation from the local MLA Nilaboti Saha.Nishiddho Brotokotha a film based on Bhadu directed by Debgopal Mondol was much cherished by the crowded hall.Bhadu is the social festival of South Bengal. The festival advents on the first day of Bhadro the fifth month in Bengali Calendarand lingers till the end of the month.

It has its ancestries in the story of a princess called Bhadravati (Bhadravati) of Panchakote who committed suicide. Bhadravati’s devotees make an image of her and sing and dance before it throughout the month. On the last day of Bhadra, they accumulate on the shore and engross the image in the water. Songs, chieflyaiming on nuptial, form the foremostallure of the festival in which both proficient groups and amateurs take part. Revelriesinvolve fairs and cultural programmes. Bhadu gaan, a bosom chunk of Bhadu festival echoes the shades of rural society. It used to be very prevalent in Burdwan, Bankura and Midnapore. But in Birbhum the persistence of this exclusive genre is vulnerable by the rising fame of cinema and television. Bhadu songs are composed impromptu and hummed on each night of the festival;portray the Goddesses as young girls. They illustrate Bhadu with panache as how they will be entertained. Since Bhadu is spinster, her songs are sung mostly by spinster Lasses. Dancing and playing drums convoys Bhadu.

The festival hosted individual film makers who screened their short films. A total of seven such films were screened of which three films premiered for public screening namely, Abrupt, Come Cross the Line and Antenna.

Media Express was the official web partner of this festival.

And with this, the official journey of Feel-e-Frame has hit out.


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