Rural Flavour “Bhadu” at Film Festival pioneering by Feel ME Frame at Saithiya

Frame View Entertainment presents “Rangamati Challachiitra Utsav” co presented by Radharani Telefilm Center, a Bengali film festival is going to be held on 4thSeptember at Sainthia Rabindra Bhavan from 3p.m onwards. The festival has been organized by a group of young aspiring film makers “Feel me Frame” in association with Asor Natyom Sainthia and Neel Megh Academy.

The foremost charm of the festival is “Bhadu” which is rural festival of South Bengal held in the fifth month of Bengali Calender Bhadra. According to the sources Bhadu dance would be performed as an inauguration item along with a special dance production from Neel Megh Academy with a theme of 100 years of Bengali cinema. Seven Films of different durations will be showcased.  The evening is definitely going to satiate the appetite of films buff with innovative flavor.



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