MEN, here how to take care of your Skin in this summer!

Skin care is a routine with daily procedure which can prevent your skin form any type of skin damages. You skin can be either too moist or too dry daily proper skin care makes your skin more healthy and it prevents any type of skin injuries. In additional, Skin care is also a part of the treatment of radiation therapy, wound healing and some medications. For good skin care try to develop healthy habits. So, let’s talk about perfect skin care routine for man.

Skin care for man? Yes, it’s much needed as a woman. Proper skin care is not only for ladies. With the temperature rising in the summer, guys should take care of their skin. The right skin care routine starts after knowing what type of skin you have. It can be dry skin or oily skin or you can have normal/combo skin. First, clean your skin by water. Then, just moisturize your skin and put on sunscreen. That’s it, this is the best way to skin care for man in summer. Let’s talk about skin care routine with some steps to make it easier to understand.

Cleanse your skin

Cleansing is the keyword for the skin, especially in summer. During the hot summer when dirt and sweat makes your skin dull, you should clean your skin twice a day (day & night). Use a gentle cleanser to remove unwanted oils, dirt and impurities from your skin. With the help of a perfect cleanser you can remove dead skin cells from skin’s surface and prepare your skin for a smooth shave. But, be sure to use shaving gel, cream or foam before shaving. Because, dry shaving can hurt your skin. These products provide a slick layer upon your skin which can help to provide a smoother shave.


After cleaning, shaving your skin, it’s important to hydrate your skin. Shaving can cause irritation for sensitive skin, moisturization is the best and perfect way to get rid if it. So, moisturize your skin after cleaning your skin daily. This can provide a comfort for your skin. Moisturizing cream uses as an extra layer of hydration of your skin before using a cream or lotion as a sunscreen.

Sunscreen, to protect from UV rays

Men who spend a great deal of their working hours in the sun should protect the skin by applying a sunscreen lotion, 20 minutes before sun-exposure. For oily skin apply a sunscreen gel. It is the last step you should follow within your daily skin care routine. During the summer when you are spending more time in the sun, it’s important to use sunscreen. Applying a facial sunscreen is the last step in your daily skin care routine. As I told before, you must know about what type of skin you have before using any types of sunscreen. It’s provides a layer upon your skin to protect your skin from UV rays. But, always remember try avoiding the peak sun hours when the rays are more powerful in a day. Also, you should use a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing as an additional skin protection.

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