2019 Fashion Trends you need to know about

Get ready to be one step ahead of everybody else this year with these trends! Trends come and go. But The following fashion tips will never go out of style.we’re ready to share the 2019  fashion trends you definitely need to know about.

Black is bae !

Once a black lover, always a black lover! In fact black is one such color that would never go out of trend no matter what. Hence buying black outfits would always be a safe bet as you don’t have to worry about your dress being old fashioned. Black comes with an added bonus of making you look slim and sophisticated off course! So make sure this color dominates your wardrobe!

Hats and fashion hair accessories in 2019 fashion trends !

2019 is a year for hats and hair accessories, the fashion experts say that. Not just the baseball caps, but numerous other hat styles are going to take over the fashion brigade. Golf caps, berets, flat hats are already trending on social media! Scarfs and hair bands aren’t much behind in the league! So make sure you upgrade your closet soon!

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Belt it up !

Moving a little down, when it comes to waist, belts are also on the fashion trend list for 2019! Wear them on anything you like, right from an over sized tee, to an over-sized dress! The wider, especially in solid colors, tend to make your waist look slimmer and your hips look curvier! Alternatively you can also wear them with your high rise pants and slay like a boss girl!

Go with Denim

Denim is the most versatile piece of clothing.From Denim shorts, skirts, dungarees, black pants to chinos and more, you can create ensembles that are casual and relaxed or a representation of more savvy and classy artistry . A useful tip is to stick to chambray, which looks very much like denim but is lightweight and breathable, unlike denim.

Say hello to multi-colors in 2019!

Yea!! Say no to your boring monochromatic outfits that ruled last year, because 2019 is going to be a colorful year! Quite evident from the fashion runways across the globe, that neon colors gonna create a buzz in the fashion biz this year!

Animal prints are back!

Oh yeah, animal print is coming back in 2019. Time to get your leopard printed blouse or skirt out of your closet , because they gonna slay again!

Capes would stay !

Last year we saw a major cape style fashion fever! And it’s gonna continue this year too. Cape style outfits are still in trend and of course in the game too ! If you missed buying a cape style outfit last year, you still hold a chance this year! Great!! Isn’t it?!

  Flowy fabrics!

Certain flowy silks like light chiffon’s and Georgette are great for evenings as these fabrics naturally adjusts to your body temperature. However, breezy summer wear is more than just choosing the right fiber; even the color should be considered. Opt for pastel shades with subtle prints instead of opting for dark and deep hues.


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