Tech giant Google celebrates World Earth Day 2019 with interactive slideshow, along with fun facts about them

On the World Earth Day, Google celebrated the day with an interactive slideshow that explains six organisms and their earthly superlative.The theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘Protect Our Species’ with an aim to draw attention to the several organisms facing threat of extinction, often as a result of human activity.

The doodle showcases the six organisms which have unique qualities like being tallest, smallest, oldest, and more. “The last thing I wanted to do was feature animals based on their cuteness or how they might appeal in some way to my mammalian sensibilities. We tried to focus on having a good range of organisms from around the globe,” says Google’s Earth Day 2019 doodle creator Kevin Laughlin.

The slideshow doodle include some fun facts about organisms and also offer curious information when we search about any of them. The slides feature the Wandering Albatross, which has the widest wingspan of any living bird, the Paedophryne Amanuensis that hold the world record for the smallest frog, and smallest vertebrate, Amazon Water Lily which is among-st the World’s largest aquatic plants and so on.

Talking about the significance about the day in a Google blog-post, doodle creator Laughlin said,”It’s very easy for us humans to think of ourselves as something apart or separate from nature. If you pick just one day a year to remember that we’re all of this earth as much as a worm, mountain, or tree, Earth Day can be that day.I can inspire the smallest bit of curiosity or wonder in someone, that would make me very happy. How often does one take a moment to contemplate a tiny critter that lives in the bowels of a cave in Georgia? All life is incredible and worth celebrating.”

The first Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson, a then-US Senator from Wisconsin, in 1970 following an oil spill in Santa Barbara a year earlier.


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