Kolkata celebrates LGBTQ pride month on 50th anniversary of Stonwall

KOLKATA: Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways. Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognizing the influence LGBT people have had around the world.

For the first time, people who hadn’t previously been involved in LGBTQ rights activism stood up against persecution.The Pride Month initiative was called by the American Center to check the sexual minority of the Bengali community. 50 years ago,Early in the morning on June 28, 1969, police raided Stonewall Inn, a longstanding gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village. At the time, LGBTQ people were still often widely persecuted under state sodomy laws, and the cops began hauling customers out of the bar. Some of the patrons began resisting arrest, and the clash quickly escalated as tensions rose. Bystanders began throwing bottles at the officers, and a riot broke out that ultimately lasted three days.

In the aftermath of the incident, June is celebrated as “Pride Month” On that day, the tradition of Bangla was also talked about with the international gay movement. Social activist and documentary director Debgopal Mondal himself is gay. He said, “The talk of gay or bisexual people has come about in the Ghettupujo, Alcups, and the Vudu song. To fight for the rights of lesbians or converts, we need to keep an eye out for the city.” “The struggle for the rights of the third gender must be looked at as a human struggle,” said Ranjita Singh, who is a woman of transforming and a social worker.

Debgopal Mondal’s Next directorial documentary ‘Ghore-Baire’ which will be also shown the actual movement of LGBTQ people. The LGBTQ movement has been repeatedly swept away by the city’s know-how. Even though the city-centric movement has been a long before, there has been a repeat of the “right to love ” Among the many Bengali folk culture. And there are still some festivals, rituals and characters that are being celebrated beyond the time. Like the undivided Bangla’s “Ghettu “, “alqab “, “Bhadu ” etc. When LGBT words were not used properly in our country, on that time “Hansuli Banker Upokatha”, In Rabindra literature, the presence of “Androzen ” is enmeshed with all audiences forever. This is the change of mind and the direction of social progress. But the corporate apathy in the cultural movement taught everybody to deny the history.This is all about the way the mainstream 377 has influenced the anti-government legal movement and has helped change people’s perspectives on history and back. This documentary is all about the Image by ” Anti-377 Bangla cultural movement “.

photo and video : Ayan Mukherjee


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