Happy Birthday Ena Saha : here’s her birthday interview

Ena Jennifer Saha’s birthday month is here and she can’t keep calm. Ena Jennifer Saha is an Indian film and television actress who has appeared in Bengali and Malayalam films and television shows.Her first film is the Bengali film Ami Aadu, directed by Somnath Gupta.In the film 1:30 am she played the role of Nishi. The film was well received by critics in several film festivals. In 2013, she appeared in the Malayalam film Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi, where she played the character Gauri. Her recent release ‘Bhoot Chaturdashi’s content is very interesting. The screenplay work is superb in the movie and the film is going to make enough bucks for the makers. Bhoot Chaturdashi co-star Deepsheta mitra wishes Ena on her instagram page. Here it is :



In a conversation with ME  Ena shared with us her birthday plan. she said, Birthdays become celebratory only because the people who are close to you do sweet things that make you feel special. This year, so far, has been hectic and she was glad that she could take off for a small getaway with her family. Spending quality time with them was long overdue. we ask her did she consider the so-called formula films a safer bet? And she have a strategy when it comes to signing movies? she replied, ‘I don’t have any strategy; I go with my gut. My idea of a good film is the one where the audience is thoroughly entertained. The audience comes to a cinema hall to be entertained, and if I come across a film that does that, I do it. I’m an entertainer and I love every bit of what I do.’ Me ask her, she have any resolutions for the year? And is she good at keeping them? she answered, ‘There are a lot of things that I aspire to do with all my heart, but I make sure that I’m not burdened with my own wish to do those things. If I am passionate about something and I want it bad, I’ll work towards it anyway.’

photo : Ayan Mukherjee


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