Bong Diva Ena Saha Shares The Secret For Her Natural Glowing Skin!!!It’s An Easy Home Remedy

Ena saha is a beautiful actress. She is stunning, sweet and talented. She is the one in Bengali film industry who is said as ‘happy kid’ as she is always happy and brings a positive energy  as she meets other people. Other than being a great person inside and outside. Ena always manages to look beautiful. She has a real glowing skin. And finally, she revealed how. Wanna know the secret for all this?

Ena saha starts her day with a glass of fresh lime juice with hot water and honey. But there is more in her morning routine to detoxify her skin and body.  This natural remedy is good for unblemished skin. That’s not all; she urged to know your skin type to work accordingly. Her mantra for a naturally glowing skin is quite basic actually. Yes, you read it right. Her secret to flawless skin is water.  This is what she does to keep her body hydrated all the time. She consumes 8 liter of water daily. And she equally stressed on drinking 1-1 liter water before and post lunch. And also she believes that happiness is the secret of naturally glowing skin. She said, negative emotions can wreak havoc on your skin, positive ones can help improve it. It’s simple: when you’re feeling relaxed and happy, your skin follows suit, and develops a kind of “happiness glow.” One reason for the effect is that positive emotions actually increase your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself naturally. A good mood is also sure to help keep your hormones in check, which means that pesky imbalances that can be at the root of skin troubles won’t be such a problem. Looks like, now you know it all. Bong Diva Ena saha unrevealed one more secret related to her skin!!! She said, vitamin C is best for all the skin types. Vitamin C helps in fighting wrinkles and keeps your skin young and alive. Apply vitamin C on your face. She applies vitamin C serum on her face and consumes more of citrus in her diet.

In a candid conversation with ME,She has shared  that Our skin is fragile, and exposing it to harmful chemicals is always a huge risk to take. Stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, inadequate sleep, lack of nutritional diet, pollution, harmful sun rays, excessive smoking, and drinking alcohol are the major factors which make your skin dull and dry. All of these are part and parcel of your life and you cannot run away from them. However, you can surely prevent them. Of course, you cannot hold on to your age, but you can surely slow down the loss of glow and radiance from your skin.

Ena Saha involves her body in regular exercises and power yoga to maintain good and healthy blood flow in her body. Drinking lots of water and an adequate amount of sleep help in saying goodbye to dark circles. She said embracing ageing is the most beautiful treatment for your skin.

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photo :Ayan Mukherjee , Amit Chakroborty 


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