Team Kangana Ranaut shares pictures from her boarding school days

Bollywood “Queen” Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday shared multiple never-seen-before pictures from her boarding school days.Kangana’s team posted on social media the major throwback pictures was taken in 2003 with her then roommates Ranita and Bondina, who still are friends with her, as the “Queen” says.

How lovely!! Found this picture from 2003 my boarding school days,those were my room mates they are still my friends…

Posted by Team Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Kangana along with her two friends Ranita and Bondina,wearing similar attire,as they posed for the camera.The other pictures were taken in 2006, after her debut film ‘Gangster’ and is seen being crowned, on stage, by her teachers. Her performance in the flick garnered her a Filmfare Award for the best female debut.

“and after Gangster in 2006 our principal ma’am Dr Sachdeva crowned me the pride of DAV,” she wrote.

Photo: Team Kangana Ranaut Facebook page


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