Stunning News For Bengal, Mimi Chakraborty enters in Bhojpuri film industry !!!

Bengali Actress Mimi Chakraborty finally enters in Bhojpuri film industry! From many times she was busy in vote campaigns. Now, finally she is back in film industry with this new surprise for her fans. Some months ago, she celebrates her birthday with her family and friends. She received many greetings and congratulations from everyone. Then, she decided to join into politics from Jadavpur constituency. After that, we couldn’t see her in big screen for many times. Now, she is finally back with her new Bhojpuri movie ‘Taxiwala’, which is a dubbed version of new released Bengali movie ‘Mon jane na’.

Mimi Chakraborty is a contestant from Jadavpur constituency as a Trinamul Congress candidate in the Lok sabha elections 2019. She already have seen in many rallies and campaigns for vote promotion. She personally requested candidates to vote her in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Last time, She was seen in Alipurduar to place her own vote.

Yash and Mimi’s new movie ‘Mon jane na’ was released in 21 march 2019. Now the Bhojpuri dubbed version ‘Taxiwala’ is expected that it will be released soon. Film makers already released the trailer of this film. The film makers are very optimistic that this movie will get much fame in Bhojpuri Film industry.

Here is the trailer:

The film ‘Mon jane na’ was started with Amir(Yash) who lives in a city and earns money by driving taxi. He meets an orphan girl with the help of a local maulvi and falls in love with her. After that, they gets married. Within some time Pari(Mimi) discovers some secret about Amir and she decided to leave the house. Then, after two years, Amir spots Pari outside a hotel. But, now she has transformed into a reckless drug addict and was drifted towards prostitution. Why Pari leaves her house? What actually happened to her? Will Amir and Pari be able to stay together once again? To know the answer af all of these question you have to watch the movie.

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