Tapasee Pannu introduce self-defense and karate in her school and college

Post the applauded film “Pink” and recent release “Naam Shabana”, Tapasse Pannu is currently the Messiah of women empowerment of India. She is always been in limelight to raise questions against women barbarity in the society. Even her films deals with the subject of women empowerment. She is so concerned over the women’s safety and pride. Recently Tapasse has taken a step ahead and she wrote a letter to her school and college to introduce self-defense coaching classes as a full time subject for young girls. She has requested the authorities of the respective institutes to start self-defense and Martial arts coaching classes soon. She also ensured whatever help is required for this initiative will be taken care by the actress. She says, “I think with the given situation we are in its important to empower girls from a young age. I feel self-defense as a concept has nothing to do with someone’s sex.” check out the letter below :

The principal of the school shared her letter with the management and they are introducing self-defense and martial arts in the school. The management will get a professional, to coach students during the vacation.


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