Political parties reactions and asks EC to review on West Bengal CM’s biopic ‘Baghini’

Troubles with the movie ‘PM Narendra Modi, the biopic on the life of the Indian Prime Minister’ don’t seems to be end. The movie release date is postponed till April 12. In this situation, a new movie ‘Baghini which is inspired by the life of CM Mamata Banerjee’ is also struggling to overcome all troubles. The director Nehal Dutta scheduled release date for the movie on May 3. But, already BJP submitted a letter to the ‘Election Commission of India’ and BJP state vice-president Joy Prakash Majumdar demanded to review the movie as like the PM Narendra Modi movie was reviewed. At this situation, on April 14 CPM also submitted a complaint on Election Commission regrading the biopic movie.

In 2016, from the Central Board of Film Certification the film got ‘U’ certificate. Nehal Dutta said about the movie that, “We have captured events of the ’60s and ’70s and that involved heavy computer graphics. The graphics work took really long. Though we started in 2016, we could only send it for certification by the end of 2018.” Also, he said, “You have to understand that it is not a biopic. It is a story of a woman, Indira Banerjee, who started fighting at a very early age.” He added “As of now, the film is releasing on the scheduled date.”

The Trinamool Congress party’s national spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP, Derek O’Brien and also the director of this movie is telling that, they don’t see any connection with the incidents which happens in real life. Director said, It is not a biopic movie as like Modi’s film. The movie is just inspired by the struggle and about women’s’ empowerment of CM Mamata Banerjee. Director just take some Inspirons from the real time events to make the film and it takes almost three years to research on the leader. Also, the research is based on news clips and her biographies to make the movie.

Actress Ruma Chakraborty who is playing the main role that is inspired by Mamata Banerjee said, “I played the character inspired by our CM in 2011 in a Jatra called Banglar Khomotay Ebar Mamata. It was a production by Anandabina Opera. This one is not exactly a biopic. My character is called Indira.” Also, she said in an interview to India Today that “It is not easy to portray such a living legend. I saw several videos of her, tried to practice her mannerisms, the way she conducts herself.”

The other political parties reaction in the movie

Sujan Chakraborty, CPM opposition leader said ‘When a party loses its credibility, it banks on corporate funding and propaganda. It is an example of political bankruptcy. The film is a biopic, no matter what they claim. Mamata Banerjee is following Narendra Modi’s path and people will denounce both’.

Rabin Deb, CPM state leader said, ‘This film is a violation of electoral model code of conduct. As per our report, they have circulated the film to different districts. It is outright unethical, as it upsets the level-playing ground before the election’.

Locket Chatterjee, BJP candidate from Hooghly said, ‘Mamata Banerjee wants to remind people of what good she did in the past. But this is wrong, especially before the election. While it is a damage control endeavour, I think it will have adverse effect on them’.

Roopa Ganguly, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha said, ‘As a party, BJP has taken a step that I support. I personally think the film will have zero impact on the voters. I think the film will leave no impact on the audience’.


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