Mismatch 2: Is it an another start of a mismatched journey?

After a great success of Hoichoi’s popular adult web series ‘Mismatch’, the new teaser just comes out about the new serious of ‘Mismatch season 2’. The series is going to release on May. In the recent teaser video in the web series we can see that, Two strikingly opposite married couples meet in the craziest situation possible! The main focus and story of the series is about, Will they be able to resolve their conjugal problems? Where, we viewers already know that, it is a new start of another mismatched journey. In the official ‘Hoichoi’ Instagram page they already posted a image of the new series with a caption “Summer is about to get hotter”. In the poster of the new web series we can see the both of the couples.

In the first season of Mismatch we saw that, Diana a rich, spoilt girl who is a famous character of the series feels her husband Ayan is a mismatch for her. Then, she decides to add some spice in her life by friendly couple swapping. The full series is about two couples Ayan (Rajdeep Gupta) and Diana (Rachel); and the another couple is Shubhro (Mainak Banerjee) and Urmi (Supurna Malakar). They got to know about couple swapping through an app and they decided to try it out.

The whole series was streamed on ‘Hoichoi’ video streaming platform. Which was launched in 20 September 2017. It platform is owned and maintained by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd. After the successful season of ‘Mismatch’ they are going to release the season 2 of the ‘Mismatch’series. The recently released teaser already grabs the full attraction of viewers. Some of the views are not satisfied with the teaser video. So, now we can just wait for the official trailer video. The official teaser premiered on April 19, 2019. The series going to release on May. So, stay tuned for a new love tragedy web series.


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