‘I want to be a Mother but I afraid the travail’ – Riya Sen

After a long relationship, Riya Sen had married with her boyfriend Shivam Tewari at 16 th August, 2017. They were married in Pune. No one even know about that and It was an almost secret marriage. Almost everyone were shocked when they finally know about that news. A lot of people were upset that they did not invite or inform them. Also, Many of them reacted in crazy ways! In that time, a rumor was silently spread that she is actually pregnant and that’s the only reason for the secret marriage. But, after few days everyone got to know that she was not pregnant and the news was absolutely fake.

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Recently, in an interview Riya Sen said about her marriage life. She said, she is very happy with Shivam in her married life. Then, she continues to praise her husband. She said her husband is a very honest and a kind hearted person. He is very loyal and we have chosen the rest of our lives to make the best of our lives. Also, Riya said Shivam does not interfere about any of my matters. But still, he helps me to take my career related decisions. Also, she found her father Bharat Dev Varma within her husband Shivam Tewari.

In the same interview she tell us she really wants to be a mother. She said, ‘I want to be a Mother but I afraid the travail. Both me and husband loves child. But we are busy with our work. So, not in this time but, obviously I want to be a mother in future.’ Then, the interviewer asked Riya ‘When did she first meet with Shivam’? The actress replies they first meet him in Harry’s bar in Juhu. Shivam came here from Delhi to meet with Riya. Also, Shivam said ‘I love you’ first and proposed marriage first.

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