Bengalis are food lovers. So am I. My ancestral origin hails from Bangladesh and they have rich source in traditional Bengali cuisines. Appetizers, main courses and desserts complete full course meals with strong love for their taste- buds. They can prepare variety of items in Veg or Non-veg and are experts in unique variations.  Like moong dal machermathadiye, Luchi,Cholar dal, Katlamacherkalia, Ilishbhapa, Bhetkipaturi, Kasha Mangsho,Begunbhaja and many more and are trademark of Bengali cuisines. Bengalis are famous for their inseparable connection with fish. Steamed rice with fish curry will fulfill their appetite. They have sweet tooth too. So, they are also rich in variety of sweet dishes. Famous sweetmeats are Rasgulla, gulabjamun, sandesh and mishtidoi considers as an auspicious which can provide in the beginning of any good work often known as ‘Mistimukh’ to all Bengalis.

Today with many sources via recipe books, cookery show, internet food lovers experiment with variety of dishes. Today whatever I know about cooking is totally from my Grandma and Maa. Everyone in my family has a love for tasty food and they inspire me to prepare variety of innovative cuisines. I love doing experimental items which is simple yet innovative. Pouring basic masalas and less spice will make tasty food. The mix of correct quantity and love makes for the best dish ever.

Cooking is also an art in culinary skills. People should have interests and affection for cooking; otherwise it will never turn prominent. As far as the cooking is concerned, nowadays people learn it as a culinary skills as in hotel management. But everything has its roots so it also grows from the ancestral origin and from elders which will grow a knack inside them.

Many hotels and restaurants sprouted as a mushroom in the food industry. Be it fast food corner, bakery items or other chain restora. People are attracted mainly in the multi-cuisine restaurants which brings food menu from the different corners of the world. International cuisines are also widely spread in our food businesses. Chinese, Continental, Italian, Mexican, Thai and others which took a big space in the customer’s heart.Mughlai, Awadhi, Afghani cuisines are also considered as a royal treat in our country and people love to bring it in their platter.

Nowadays, many hotels and restaurants also believe in adulteration in their food items. Big brands and known companies are also fall in prey in this trap of adulteration. People should be aware before they proceed in food tasting sessions.

It would be better if we avoid junk foods and try to instigate into home-made food. Easily we can prepare food items if we consider in our menu list. Fast food can fill our tummy easily but it has lacks in nutrition. It contains calorie and is harmful for our body. Intake of proper nutrients will keep our body healthy. Proper hygiene is required for healthy cooking.

We can make Burger, pizza, chaat items, smoothies at home very easily. Ready to eat meals can also be prepared to save time in our busy life. Likewise, we can follow our grandma’s tips to enhance our cooking skills and renovate it for our further use among younger generations. Many people will also share their individual cooking tips which can also help in our cooking ideas and implementation.

There are many recipes in my Menu list and I would gradually like to share it with you all for mouth-watering meals and for your healthy lifestyle.

To be continued…


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