Cinematographer Aditya Varma on his working in the movie ‘Kia and Cosmos’

After having a successful screening at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, this independent film from bengal (East India), is releasing tomorrow.

Lighting and Composition – that about sums up cinematography in two words right there.  So what’s all the complication about right? I guess that would be like saying sports is all about coordination and technique – now go play like RONALDO
So ya, it aint easy and even if you know the “rules” each situation is unique.

The young cinematographer Aditya Varma talks about Sudipto Roy’s Kia and Cosmos and his experience with the cast and crew and specially how debutante Ritwika Pal truly lived the character with excellent nuance.

“Abhinav agnihotri is my friend also the sound designer of this film one day called me to tell me someone was interested to work with me on a feature film and they want to meet me. So I went to the meeting and met Sudipto Roy and Anisha who is our associate director of the film there. When I first heard the synopsis I felt I needed to read more about the script just to know how will I fit into this film. I read the script with my brother chandan, also my AC on the film and we fell in love with the script and how important it is for us to create a visual palette and create this world of KIA”

Q.What was your reaction as the cinematographer when you got the script?

It was important for me to understand Kia and how she sees the world. When I and Sudipto Roy we’re in initial talks we both agreed upon knowing Kia the character before we made art or create any palette.we did workshops with ritwika pal who started living Kia more than anyone in the team. So by doing camera tests and workshops with her we understood the cinematography should also reveal the world through her eyes.

Q.How did you vision the film?

When I first went to kolkata before even having a proper chat about the film with sudipto da. I had ideas of making it look so beautiful and cinematic and stuff. But when I first went and met properly to discuss things with sudipto da. I understood it has to be completely opposite. He literally said don’t make everything beautiful. We should make it beautiful for Kia not for us. So then I took it as a challenge and now if you see the film it’s with lot of layering and lot of Kia’s perspective and at the same time my own touch of beauty.

Q.Which are the point of disagreement and agreement with the director during shooting?

I should thank my AC chandan, whole gaffer team and lights crew for being patient with me and making things happen for me.

Q.Being a cinematographer do you feel chopping few well shot frames are really harsh about the editor? Do you get hurt when something like this happen?

Definitely as a Cinematographer I used to feel bad when the shots I really liked did not make to the cut. But after I worked on Coldness as an cinematographer/editor it actually made me a better filmmaker. It actually taught me not to be a selfish filmmaker. What ever works for the film is the best shot literally. And about the editor on this film Anirban da is one of my favorite editors all time. He understood the film so well. It is just plain genius how he used some of the shots we shot. I really personally think he made this film happen.

Q.How was your experience shooting Swastika mam?

Swastika is definitely one of the finest actresses we have in this country. I personally think Kia and cosmos is one of her finest works. She is so much fun on the set. Still remember how she used to just give us such amazing emotions on her first takes. Most of the times when she and ritwika used to perform together, the set would just get glued to the monitor so they don’t miss the minuscule nuances. She definitely brings a great deal of expertise to the film Kia and cosmos. In fact all the actors did great sraman, Joy sen da they all played some really important roles. I am really thankful to the universe everything fell in place together.

Q.How was Ritwika as debutant?

Ritwika pal is hands-down the most important person of the film probably only next to the director Sudipto Roy. She lived the role Kia more than anyone in the team. There was not a single person on the set who did not get shocked seeing her performance during the shoot. For me it was a challenge to hit the right balance with other actors too. She as a person inspired each one of us and made us strive better each day of the shoot. There were times it used to get really tough to even get a shoot day. Ritwika pal used to give us that motivation to get going just by her skills and her positive attitude. In short she is a true inspiration. She makes to my list of country’s most special actors.

Q.What are your message to the audience for the movie Kia and Cosmos?

To the audience, I would just like to say. It is a really good honest story. People will connect to the journey of Kia. And it is special. The one that teaches so many things. Please go watch it in the theaters and experience the world of Kia through our eyes.


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