‘Kabir’ does not show disrespect to any human being and his religion

Dev -rukmini staring ‘Kabir’ is making news over the past few months for all the good reasons.’Kabir’, based on the life of a terrorist, talks about the religion of humanity, the actor has said. ‘Kabir’, which will be released on April 13 ahead of the Bengali New year, does not show disrespect to any human being and his religion, Dev told PTI yesterday.  Also a source close to the production team has revealed that ‘Antaheen’ and ‘Pink’ fame director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury is quite interested in acquiring the copyrights of ‘Kabir’ for its Hindi remake.

Popular actor-producer Dev said, “Humanity is bigger than any religion, love is the biggest religion. ‘Kabir’ speaks about that religion of humanity which is important in the present time.”

“The storyline of Kabir was prompted by many real life incidents including a case where the rumoured attack on a girls’ hostel led to riots but ultimately it was known, there had been no such attacks in the first place,” Dev said.

Director Aniket Chattopadhyay said Kabir is a terrorist who can be ruthless but again soft in his heart and the film talks about the war with terrorism.

Dev, who had two home productions in past, said ‘Kabir’ had been extensively shot in some real life locations in Mumbai. The actor has maintained all throughout his promotional activities that the film does not hurt or attack any religion. The makers have also reportedly revealed that the film doesn’t promote any sort of negativity and that it only highlights the power of love, the primary religion of mankind. Apart from Dev and Rukmini Maitra, ‘Kabir’ will also see Priyanka Sarkar will play a high ranked STF officer in the film.


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