Jagga Jasoos…Overrated

A teenage detective story with an Utopian delusion, a hairstyle simply borrowed form a famous western comic book character to draw an Indian version outta nowhere. Yes, we are talking about the famous detective Tintin and our Jagga The Jasoos, they have lot of similarity. This past Friday Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif starred Jagga Jasoos was released worldwide, written & directed by Anurag Basu. in its first weekend it was reported that the movie pooled more than 35 crore, which is a decent collection in the Box Office

No matter how many times Ranbir tried to use his family legacy by copying Legendary Raj Kapoor’s moves, but he always failed to ignite that spark, except Barfi, that was the only time when Ranbir outsmarted his acting talent along with the critics. Jagga Jasoos is a Romantic Comedy Adventure, based on the historical aspect by manipulating the real events. Jagga is a huqla (Stammerer) who doesn’t speak because he stammers. One day he rescued a stranger and took him to the hospital, later that man became his father, who teaches him to talk by singing, his thoughts and emotions. But being a huqla, Jagga earned his lady love without earning a single paisa, having foreign trip on his girlfriends money to find his missing father and coincidentally bust an international arms racket, it could only happen only in story, not in a real life. The film has no real message, but the uniqueness of this film is its narrative style using songs as the medium…but simulteniously…it is pretty much to annoy your eardrums. Many might claim Jagga as the Felu Mittir of Bollywood, but it’s a failed experiment.

The gorgeous Kat can’t act as usual, but when the star cast was finalized for this movie, Ranbir and Katrina was dating each other. And when they broke up, shooting of the film was almost done. It was reported director was unhappy with both star cast, hence, some scenes were done again.

The story evolved using the Infamous High Profile Case of Purulia Arms Drop, took place in the Year 1995, the main reason behind overthrowing the then Communist Government of West Bengal, India. Beside a female lead of this movie, Kat is also the narrator of the story who depicted Jagga’s Jasoosi story into a Comic books series. In the State of Manipur there is a small town, where TutiFuti (Saswata Chatterjee) arrived in a Goods Train, Jagga saw him jumping from the moving train and after rescuing him in unconscious state he carried him to the hospital, where he was living as an orphan (Parents were died in a car accident). Tutifuti healed and took Jagga with him to his house as his son. But outta nowhere Ex-IB Officer Sinha (Sourav Shukla) arrived and their life took an unexpected turn. After admitting Jagga into a boarding school, his father suddenly disappeared. As day turned it months and months into years, Jagga grew up, his only contact with his father was a VHS tape, receives in the courier every year on his birthday. In a fine moring, Jagga saw Shruti Sengupta (Katrina Kaif) in the town and the story went on. In a certain point Shruti got framed with a murder charge, but Jagga’s Jasoosi skill helped her to uncover the truth and in exchange of his help Shruti helped Jagga to find his missing Father Tutifuti aka Badal Bagchi, an intelligence officer who was chased by Sinha, and exposed a Worldwide Arms Smuggling Racket in Morocco. Jagga found his soulmate in Shruti, as she and his father both were smitten by Badluck. At the end of the movie, Badal and Jagga, both got kidnapped by the Two-Headed Afgan-Russian Warlord Bashir Alexander (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

If you are Katrina fan then you must go to watch the movie. White bra straps dangling from Kat’s bare shoulder is the only scene to attract the adults, unless Jagga Jasoos is simply a movie for the kids. Both Saswata Chatterjee and Rajatava Dutta (A Police Officer from the town) are outstanding with their acting skill.

Kids love Jagga. Men/Women like Jagga. But Legends don’t like Jagga Jasoos – This should be the meme in the Facebook.

Yes, it’s overrated…

Media Express Rating : 5/10



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