6 most important summer skincare tips that would help all skin types!

It’s that time of the year when nimbu-pani with mint is available almost everywhere and cotton will be your go-to fabric. Umbrellas come out to give your sunscreen company, Yes, summer is here and you are ready to revel in its warmth and sunshine. Before you do though, you should consider how the extra hours in the sun can impact your skin. Aside from the occasional summer sun burn, UV rays can also accelerate some common signs of skin aging like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. And, the humidity and hot temperatures can also contribute to some summer skin issues too.There are pimples, rashes and roughness, and that acne just wouldn’t go away! Just a few simple changes in your everyday skin care regimen can ensure that you are all set to glow through this season too. Here are few summer skin care tips that can come quite handy and helped you through. Take care of your skin by following the best skin regimen for the hot, sunny months ahead.
Here’s the 6 most important summer skincare tips that would help all skin types:

1. Make sure everytime you keep your face clean of dust and sweat through these hot months. At least Cleanse twice a day.

Your face is your identity and also it’s a index of mind so you should look after on it everyday. Summer months though, warrant a special skin care regimen – one that hydrates and keeps it clean and grime-free. At least cleanse twice a day with a foaming or gel-based face wash. First thing in the morning, wash away oil and sweat that can build up on your skin’s surface overnight. And, before bed, remove makeup and then cleanse your skin with your regular face wash.And also, Make sure you keep your face clean of dust and sweat through these hot months.splash your face with water 3-4 times every day No need to use a face wash every time, clean water would do just fine. Most important part, Keep your head calm and quiet as much as you can, it could be help you to get fresh and glamorous looking skin.

2. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! And Use weather appropriate products.

Summer months need products that let your skin breathe naturally. Go for lighter lotions and serums. Products that block pores can cause more problems.Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! UV rays can be harmful for your skin any time of the year. A minimum SPF of 30 is recommended and must be applied 20-30 minutes before you head out into the sun. If you are going to be swimming, then keep re-applying as and when it gets washed out. Sunscreen application can go a long way in minimizing sun related spots and could even help delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply a daytime moisturizer with SPF. Also, your daytime moisturizer should protect your skin with broad spectrum SPF protection. You’ll want to shield your summer skin from both UVA and UVB rays so that it is better protected from burns and some skin aging factors.

3. Protect your lip.

Your lips are skin too, and if yours have ever gotten burned you know how sensitive they can be. SPF lip products keep this delicate area safe, comfortable, and moisturized.A balm will help keep your lips from drying out and cracking: a real possibility if you like to spend your summer hours in the sun.

4. Moisturize at night.

Replenish skin with a concentrated dose of hydration while you sleep. Consider trying a face cream formulated with aloe water, the hydrating ingredient can deliver much-needed moisture to summer skin that has been out in the sun.

5. Natural remedies.

There are ingredients in your kitchen which can help soothe the skin during summer. Lemon and tomato are very good for keeping your skin fresh. A quick way to use tomato is to juice tomatoes (don’t add water) and freeze the juice using your regular ice-trays. Use this as a gentle scrub every alternate day and let the juice dry on the skin before washing it off. The lycopene in tomato does wonders for the facial skin.

6. Eat cooling foods and drink lot of water to keep your skin cell hydrate.

What we eat has a lot to do with how we look and feel. Go for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Stay away from sugary drinks that are full of calories. Make sure your intake of water is an optimum 8-10 glasses at least. Try vegetable juices and natural alternatives like coconut water to hydrate yourself and feel fresh.

The best skin care regimen this season will include cleansing and moisturizing in the morning and night, regular exfoliation with products formulated with glycolic acid and achieving the look of a natural tan so that you have summer skin that is not only glowing, but protected and nourished too. So friend, enjoy a happy, healthy and glowing summer.


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