Muslim clerics attack newly elected TMC MP Nusrat Jahan after she paid a visit to the Iskon temple in Kolkata

The newly elected TMC lawmaker from Basirhat, Nusrat Jahan who recently married her long-time beau businessman Nikhil Jain in Bodrum , had a gala reception in Kolkata on thrusday. Nusrat, who has always maintained that she will balance her acting and political career, proved it so. The actress reached her constituency on Saturday morning and will be working there for the whole day.

Recently,she found herself at the receiving end of the Islamists’ fury after she paid a visit to the Iskon temple in Kolkata. Chauvinistic Muslims also resorted to insulting her with bigoted comments online for apparently marrying outside her community and wearing Bindi and Mangalsutra in Loksabha.Muslim clerics immediately declared a fatwa against Nusrat Jahan stating that she is now not a Muslim anymore.“The (TMC) MP has to clarify whether she is a Hindu or a Muslim. If she admits that she has converted to Hinduism then there is no issue. But if she still follows Islam, then she should abide by Shariat and Quran otherwise she will be termed as ‘gunahgar’ (sinner),” claimed Majlis-Ethid-e-Millat, UP chief, Mufti Ahmed Gaud. Later, commenting on reports of a fatwa issued against her, Nusrat Jahan said, “I don’t pay heed to things which are baseless. I know my religion. I have been a Muslim by birth and I am still a Muslim. It’s about faith. You have to feel it inside your heart and not in your head.”

“I will be leaving for Delhi at 7 am on Monday and will be there for quite some time. I have to set up my home there too,I have to do up my new flat too, but there is no time. I am thankful to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law as they did the basic work and now we have to do it. My mother’s house is loaded with all the gifts I got for my wedding and each gift is special to me and Nikhil as there is a lot of love in it. I will open each packet personally.” said Nusrat, who was also present as the special guest at the inauguration of ISKCON’s Ratha Yatra festival that was inaugurated by CM Mamata Banerjee.

photo : instagramed by Nusrat Jahan


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